Friday Night Jazz at The Timeless Way Cafe

By day, the cafe menu is in full swing and on the first Friday night each month live bands & ensembles recreate the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and others from a memorable bygone era.


Tickets available at

There's an la carte menu especially desgined for Jazz Nights, snacks are available & full bar service. The June Jazz Night Menu is listed below:


Pate selection $9.50 each - served with crackers and wholemeal Vienna bread
-duck with wild mushrooms
-duck with pomegranate and vermouth
-chicken with French pepper
-chicken Grand L’Orange

King Island Cheese Selection (serves 2) $26.00
Heritage brie, roaring 40’s deep blue & mature cheddar accompanied by crackers, peppadews stuffed with feta, kalamata olives, green olives stuffed with almonds and green figs stuffed with mascarpone cheese

Antipasto (serves 2) $28.00
Tasmanian smoked salmon, salami, smoked duck, kalamata olives, green olives stuffed with almonds, peppadews stuffed with feta cheese and green figs stuffed with mascarpone cheese – served with wholemeal Vienna bread

Soup of the day (served with Vienna bread) entree $7.80
main $9.80


Tasmanian Salmon Crepes $18.00
with salad and topped with béchamel sauce and parmesan cheese

Salmon Patties $16.50
Home-made smoked Tasmanian salmon, dill & potato fishcakes with lime mayonnaise served with a side salad

Beef Bourguignon $23.00
Slow cooked beef in a rich red wine sauce with potato mash & vegetables

Freshly baked home-made pies served with potato mash & vegetables
steak & mushroom$17.00
chicken supreme$17.00

Caesar Salad $19.50
Cos lettuce, bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese, hard-boiled egg, anchovies & caesar dressing

chicken caesar salad $21.00

fresh fruit salad with cream or ice cream $9.00
belgian chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream $9.00
sticky date pudding with caramel sauce with cream or ice cream $9.00